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France History Article

History of Gambling

History of Gambling

Lately there is a gambling trend everywhere and it is impossible to say stop to it. This being, brings a question to our minds. When gambling exactly began to surround us? As we are a small child, we learn a game from our family. When we were eating chicken, as soon as we find the wishbone of it, we started an innocent gambling. The rule was, not to take some thing from the rival and if it's taken, to say, "in my mind. " The loser was purchasing some thing based on the winner's wish. Gambling has a very old history, it is a heritage from our ancestors. The name of the casino's orign comes from the word "casa" which means "house" in Italian. Other meaning of it is, a "pleasure house" which names as "palazzo" in Italian. Casinos are not just the gambling places, it also lets you to listen to the music, to have sport activites and also to play bingo, roulette and poker and of course play with the lottery machines. The origin of almost practically all of the gambling games which are played today's modern casinos are China and Europe. Archeological digs shows us the history of gambling began 39 1000 yrs ago. The bones and sticks and the items like dices are found. The 1st legal casino appeared in the Ancient China. At the Ancient Egypt civilization, 3500 years ago, especially in Thebes, it's proved that gambling stations were available. Later, it's known that, at the age of Ancient Greek and Rome Empire, a lot of gambling homes were available; a few of them were legal, a few of them were not. Germany is also a country which showed up on gambling houses and casinos at the date 1378. The government had encouraged the casinos to have gainings. Lately, Hitler forbidden the gambling in Germany. At the date of 1950's, casinos and gambling homes in Germany again began to operate. There are a lot of paintings about gambling. One of the famous paintings of gambling belongs to the painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610 which is called as "Cardshapers" . The largest casino of Europe is built in Italy, Venice at 1638 which is called as Ridotto. In Scotland and England, casinos which are known as "social clubs" show activities. They're more than 120. In Belgium, the King 2. Leopold (1835-1909) forbidden gambling since his son was a gambler but later, a lot of casinos and gambling houses appared again under the inspection of Government. In France, gambling take location in a legal status. In the Unites States, gambling houses names were saloon and firstly began to appear in the towns who the cowboys lived. Com completely new Orleans, Saint Louis and San Francisco were famous for with their gambling homes. Yet legally, it appeared in Nevada at the date of 1931. Later, the gambling and casino city became Com completely new Jersey, which is called as Atlantic City. Today it is the second well-known location in The United States, after Las Vegas. Some of the well known gambling city is Macau Island, which is in China.
Georgette Adanas has been writing articles or reviews on casinator casino-games/play-free-blackjack-online blackjack online free since 2000.

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